First: Setting up the systematic mechanisms for the relation between the Legislative and Executive and to follow up the tasks in this direction.

Second: Demonstrating the stance of the Cabinet before the Council and responding to the inquiries of the deputies.

Third: Presenting the Councilís resolutions to the Cabinet through a memorandum prepared by the presidium in order to be debated, adopted and then implemented.

Fourth: Following up the draft resolution pending to the President for ratification, as well as submitting the Cabinetís bills to the Council for discussion.

Fifth: Pursuing the reports and the recommendations of the Councils Committees and ensuring their implementation by the institutions of the National Authority via a memorandum to be submitted by each Committee.

Sixth: The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs participates in setting up the agenda of the Council, and takes up the lead in proposing the issues concerning the Council on the Cabinets agenda.

Seventh: The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs participates in the ministerial Commissions and reports about its works if requested.


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